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Yixin TCM Medical Centre
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-15 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177
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A reputable TCM clinic in Singapore is a one-stop source for all your health needs. In order to avail the benefits that a good Chinese medical centre in Singapore offers, you need to have the strength to try therapeutic services that you’ve never tried before.

A TCM in Singapore should be easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Yixin TCM Services is Bukit Timah’s iconic Chinese medicine therapeutic services provider. We pride ourselves for having been in service to Singapore TCM patients since 2007. Trust only the best TCM in Singapore to provide you everything you need to stay in excellent health.

Our Services

Singapore’s Yixin traditional Chinese medical centre caters the health needs of people from various backgrounds. Take your pick on the services detailed below and see the difference it makes, sooner rather than later.

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt rocks are great iron sources. Basalt rock stones nurture the internal body warmth, thus, producing immense comforts that are truly exceptional. The nourishing heat inside the basalt rocks placed on people’s backs unwind the muscles and nerves. Yixin’s stone massage drives away physical exhaustion at the end of the day. TCM’s hot stone massage relieves severe muscle pains, along the way too.

Tuina Massage

A Tuina Chinese back massage relieves aching muscles, bones and improves blood flow. TCM specialists use their hands in kneading weary muscle nerves and bones whenever Tuina sessions are underway. Regular Tuina sessions minimise frequency of back pains in the long run.

Cupping Therapy

The heat contained in narrow cups relieve body aches and pains. Because these cups are narrow-sized, the warmth they produce is easily retained on the back. TCM specialists place the therapeutic cups on patients’ backs whenever cupping therapy sessions are underway.

Basic Acupuncture

TCM’s basic acupuncture regulates blood flow and strengthens muscles and nerves on a long-term basis. The needles placed on multiple body parts remedy the internal physical ailments beyond expectations.

Acupuncture Slimming

TCM’s acupuncture does more than just rejuvenate the body’s metabolism. Acupuncture needles on the stomach have their ways of making people healthier and fit. Acupuncture slimming is a Chinese health supplement procedure that suppresses hunger tendencies. As a result, individuals lose weight even though their metabolic problems hinder them from doing so in the past.

Slimming Massage Therapy

Slimming massage therapy is an alternative TCM service health conscious people can avail. Slimming massage therapy is an ideal TCM service best for people who would like to lose weight without feeling any pain.

TCM Children Services

TCM children services are available for the little ones, even during their tender years. Massage and eye health treatments for kids are readily available at service upon client request.

Eye and Head TCM Treatment Services

Eye and head TCM treatment services for adults offer immense health benefits as people age. Forthcoming health problems are avoided, thus, enhancing strong physical stamina for adults, even when they reach old age.

Acupuncture, TCM and Consultation Services for Male Potency Treatment

Male potency treatments at Chinese medical centres are available in different forms and packages. Acupuncture, TCM and consultation services for male patients who can’t conceive are just around the corner at Yixin.

Our services range from those that drive away pain from several parts of the body, to health enhancers and therapeutic services aimed at making various illnesses go away. Our staff of TCM professionals will be ready to assist you in determining the services that best suit your health condition.

We offer TCM services to both adults and children. We will be on hand to give your kids early treatment for their medical conditions even during early stages of their lives. Courtesy of our Chinese medical centre, you’ll be able to get early treatment for your physical conditions before they get out of control.