Our Services 本店專長

Service List 服务列表

Popular services from TCM Singapore are available at Yixin. Services offered Yixin TCM clinic are:

  • 全身保健推拿whole body pressure point massage
  • 针灸,痛症治疗 (局部治疗) acupuncture for pain treatment (partial treatment)
  • 针灸 + 推拿acupuncture and massage
  • 小儿推拿 massage for children
  • 小儿眼疗 eye treatment for children
  • 成人眼部 + 头部推拿 eyes and head therapy treatment for adults
  • 针灸- 调脾胃 (消化系统) acupuncture and treatment to harmonize digestive system (Spleen stomach)
  • 针灸- 调内分泌acupuncture to harmonize internal secretion
  • 针灸- 减肥 acupuncture for slimming
  • 针灸– 美容,祛痘 acupuncture for cosmetology acne treatment
  • 针灸 + 推脂 acupuncture and massage therapy
  • 推脂减肥 massage therapy for slimming
  • 放血治疗法 treatment to relieve blood clot in nerves/muscular pain
  • 男性性功能 (针灸 + 中医 + 诊费) male potency treatment (Acupuncture and TCM medicine and Consultation fee)
  • 铁打扭伤外用膏药 + 包扎 (一个部位)

Packages 配套

Consultation with Physiotherapy/推拿治療

11 hours, free 1 Acupuncture 1 Cupping therapy

二十二小时,免费一次拔罐两次针灸治疗足部按摩 (1钟)
22 hours, free 1 Acupuncture 2 Cupping therapy Foot massage (1 hr)

三十三小时,免费三次拔罐三次针灸治疗足部按摩 (2钟)
33 hours, free 3 Acupuncture 3 Cupping therapy Foot massage (2 hrs)

Consultation with Physiotherapy + Guasha/推拿治療 + 刮痧

11 hours, free 1 Cupping therapy