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YixinTCM teamSince 2007, Yīxīn traditional Chinese medicine Singapore clinic, has been performing excellent orthopedic treatment, Tuina and acupuncture weight loss health related services. Having a few years of professional Chinese medical centre practices, we have gradually turn into a reputable Chinese TCM centre within these areas: Bukit Timah Beauty World, Bukit Batok, Jurong and Bukit Panjang.

Currently our clinic employs a good number of skilled Tuina practitioners. These practitioners originated from China. They provide the most competent orthopedic treatment, wellness care and other related services.

We’ll let you in on our secret that has made us successful in the TCM industry through the years.



Our Secret Recipe

[Korea ginger plaster] Essence of wild ginger from alpine mountains. Apply it on your feet. Afterward, wrap your feet with hot towel to get the comforts you’re looking for.

Reduce itchiness, activate inner “Qi”, improve your hearing acuity, yang energy, liver and kidney functions.

Improve blood flow of “Qi”, and relieve fatigue especially around the shoulders, neck, back and other muscle parts. Great for relieving pain due to sports related injuries.

Main efficiency: Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. Relief for cold hands, feet chills and pain.


(韩姜魔贴) 采用上游高寒山区野山姜取液贴于双脚,外加包热毛巾效果更佳。